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Endless sonic configurations

Play around with countless different configurations and explore new sonic dimensions of your grand piano, without sacrificing any features of the original piano sound.

Designed, processed, printed and assembled in Denmark

Made with aluminum, brass and 3d-printed parts, and designed to last as long as your grand piano. Thanks to the modular construction, every part can easily be replaced if needed.

Easy installation

It takes 15 minutes to attach or remove the Palm Mute Pedal, no modification to the grand piano is needed.

Weighs 15kg

When not attached, can fit in a box of
1500mm x 200mm x 200mm

Quick adjustments

Changing the position of the dampening pillows is a simple maneuver, but it can radically change the effect of the Palm Mute Pedal.

Thanks to magnets, the dampening cushions can be attached or removed in seconds, making it possible to alter the effect of the Palm Mute Pedal while playing.

Fits your piano

The Palm Mute Pedal is produced to order, customized to your specifications, and 3d-printed to fit your exact piano.