Introducing the Palm Mute Pedal

Add a new sonic dimension to your grand piano

Endless sonic configurations

Play around with countless different configurations and explore new sonic dimensions of your grand piano, without sacrificing any features of the original piano sound.

Fits your piano

The Palm Mute Pedal is produced to order, customized to your specifications, and 3d-printed to fit your exact piano.

Designed, processed, printed and assembled in Denmark 

Made with aluminum, brass and 3d-printed parts, and designed to last as long as your grand piano. Thanks to the modular construction, every part can easily be replaced if needed.

Inventing the Palm Mute Pedal

Since I was very little, I have been attracted to music and mechanics, and even though the Palm Mute Pedal is quite a unique contraption, it feels in many ways like a natural product of my diverse interests.

In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 forced me to stay at home from my studies in musicology and physics at Aarhus University. Five years earlier, I had had the first idea for the Palm Mute Pedal, but I had not done anything about it; the idea seemed too crazy and it was way out of my league.

As the lockdown suddenly gave me more time on my hands than ever before, I decided to build a quick prototype for the Palm Mute Pedal in my parents’ workshop, figuring I could mock something up in a week or so. I very soon found out that the project would be